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Taline and Greg

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Congratulations to Taline and Greg! Tying the knot Saturday, July 16th at the beautiful St Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Bloomingdale, Illinois. After months of planning the day finally came! Combining two different sets of family traditions made the day so beautiful and heart warming. Greg's parents, Mykola and Valentina, had an intimate blessing with the bride and groom at their house before the ceremony and gave all the love they could to their son and future daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, Taline's parents, Edouard and Lucine Telfeian, were not able to make it, but the amount of love you could feel from them was breathtaking. They skyped in the limo and sent their love across many countries. Taline's cousin, Sevan, took her father's place throughout the night. He read a heartfelt and emotional letter from her dad and stepped in during the father/daughter dance. Congratulations Taline and Greg Sidelnik! After a beautiful day you two are ready for a beautiful life together!