Krista Weber Photography

Hi everyone!

Whenever I get asked why I'm a photographer, I usually say because I love it. But why? 

I learned photography using film. I loved the science behind developing it.

When I got my first digital camera, I loved the math. Using the three components of ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop numbers to create the perfect photo was a fun puzzle.

I love working with new people and I love working with the same people over and over again. Doing their holiday cards year after year, watching their families grow.

I love the community of photographers I'm friends with. We can all ask each other questions about photos, go out for lunches, refer clients to each other if we're already booked. Outside our families, we are each others biggest fans and supporters. 


Aside from Photography,

I love my fur-baby Grimm. He's a black german shepherd. We rescued him just before Christmas 2016. I've never had a dog before him, but now I can't imagine being woken up by my alarm instead of his licks.

I love gardening. Home grown tomatoes... Enough said.

I love doing as much homesteading as I can. Canning and preserving my garden and herbs. We have just under a acre of land, lots of space to take advantage of. Chickens someday, maybe?

I love cooking real food. I guess that goes with the homesteading. Otherwise you just have ingredients to make food and no actual food! Homemade salsa anyone?


Thanks for reading! Feel free to email me if you would like to get to know me more!




Krista is awesome!! Personable & professional. Krista is always on time or even early & comes with lots of different photo ideas & props.

Our son responds so well to her & she always manages to get the best smiling pictures! We are due for our 9 month session so I am looking forward to some more beautiful photos!!

Krista makes the photo session fun & effortless. It’s like hanging out with a friend. If you are looking for a great photographer look no further!!
— Maria G.
Krista has a wonderful eye for her subjects and photos. Very professional at all times. Would love to pose for her again! Highly recommend!
— Alma M.
Krista did an outstanding job of taking engagement photos for my daughter and her fiancé. Krista was the ultimate professional who is clearly a gifted photographer; she was able to capture all of their special moments and now we have beautiful photographs to remind us of this very special time.
— Elizabeth J.